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Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Survey Results

Sentiment Analysis Charts and Graphs from the Survey Respondents

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Survey Results Are In!


I posted on May 07, 2022 this survey https://www.thatsgreatfeedback.com/studentloandebtforgive to seek feedback on the news that President Biden is considering Student Loan Debt Forgiveness as reported on Fox as well as Fortune and the 1st Results after 24 hour are in! Here is what people had to say

The Results are in!

Huge Thanks to all the folks out there who took the time to fill out the brief 9 question Anonymous survey that yielded the below results!

The 1st 24 Hours

By and large the sentiments from long form feedback that was collected is largely positive in the 1st 24 hours of responses collected. While most survey takers indicated that there should be Student Loan Forgiveness, there were feelings ranging from Happy to Angry expressed about President Biden’s considerations. A world cloud below homed in on

  • free Education
  • cost expensive
  • high debt

Question: 9.Your thoughts on the Cost of Education in America? *:


| Fig.1 - Word Cloud showing Intensity to #9 Question|

Subjectivity and Polarity

When it comes to Subjectivity in this context of this research, it quantifies the amount of personal opinion and factual informaiton contained in the response to an open ended quesiton like question number nine (9), whilst Polarity defines the orientation of the response measuring how positive, negative, or neutral the consideration to the question being posed and its response.

Question: 9.Your thoughts on the Cost of Education in America? *:

Plot Graph

| Fig.3a - Scatter Plot showing Subjectivity & Polarity in response to #9 Question|

We are seeing fifty percent 50.0% positive sentiments with thirty 30.0% negative responses based on our NLP model. Overall sentiments are also shown in the below histogram.

Respondents Sentments

| Fig.3b - Histogram showing response to #9 Question|


Still too early to tell but we are watching…

Question: 1. Feelings on President Biden consideration on Student Loan Debt Forgiveness?

Respondents Feelings

| Fig.4 - Responders feeling towards Student Loan Debt Forgiveness|

relative to the responses of of 3.On Student Loan Debt Forgiveness. Do you think it shold be? below you can see

Respondents How should be treated

| Fig.5 - How to handle Student Loan Debt|

that folk vastly favor Student Loan Forgiveness at about ~ 3:1 when compared to Reducing it OR Leaving it As Is!

If you have not taken this survey please consider doing so by clicking the link here

Please consider taking the Survey here https://www.thatsgreatfeedback.com/studentloandebtforgive

Who Took our Poll?

Our poll is anonymous but we asked the respondents to identify by impact their relationship to the topic, the feedback we got indicated:

Question 4. What is our relationship with Student Loans? ?

Respondents Role

| Fig.6 - How do people taking the survey identify|


5. What is your age range?

Respondents Role

| Fig.7 - Age Range|

6. Highest level of education?

Respondents Role

| Fig.8 -Education Level|

7. Which of the following best describes you?

Respondents Role

| Fig.9 - Race/Ethnicity|

8. Employment status?

Respondents Role

| Fig.10 - Employment Status|

The 1st 7 Days

See you in a week! & If you have not yet… Please consider taking the Survey here https://www.thatsgreatfeedback.com/studentloandebtforgive

Stay Tuned

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