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Mask Mandate Survey Results

Sentiment Analysis Charts and Graphs from the Survey Respondents

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Survey Results Are In!


I posted on April 20, 2022 this survey https://www.thatsgreatfeedback.com/maskmandatesapril22 about the news Mask Mandate is lifted to capture feedback on how thsi affects you and the results are in!

The Results are in!

Huge Thanks to all the folks out there who took the time to fill out the brief 5 question Anonymous survey that yielded the below results!

The 1st 24 Hours

There were 5 questions posed and in one free from response the question asked centered around folks reaction to the federal ruling to lift mask mandates. By and large the sentiments from long form feedback that was collected are relatively split in the 1st 24 hours of responses collected. Where we saw varying differences in opinions came from targetted questions around personal impact as well as individual actions moving foward. A world cloud below homed in on

  • Poorly
  • handled
  • Judge
  • Well

Question Posed: 5. How do you think this decision was handled? *:


| Fig.1 - Word Cloud showing Intensity to #5 Question posed|

Overall Sentiments

Out of the 5 questions posed, there was 1 open ended question and we keyed off that for a lot of the analysis, here is a snapshot of the top 10 positive anonymous feedback provided:

Question Posed: 5. How do you think this decision was handled? *:

1) I think the decision should be left in the hands of health care professionals BUT I do understand that a decision had to be made at some point in time especially since most other affected areas are lifting masks.

2) My children are too young to get vaccinated and they are in school, I need to be protective and responsible, I think this decision was rushed and political 

3) I’m glad it’s now standardized across the board for the general public 

4) We have to get back to some kind of normal life someday

5) Idk but as long as my mask gets off I’m happy 

6) I think that it was realized that covid is inevitable so what difference is it making to continue wearing masks if the likelihood of Covid ending for good is unlikely 

7) Calmly 

8) I really think that it wasn’t very well thought out. Things like buses and trains don’t have a lot of space, so there’s a bunch of people in a. confined area without masks. It’s not safe.

9) That “judge” was highly unqualified. Didn’t even have a hearing? Just ruled from the bench. 

10) Too drastic of a change for many transportation networks. Especially if you were mid flight. 

Question Posed: 5. How do you think this decision was handled? *:

Top 10

| Fig.2 - Table of the Top 10 Free Form responses to #5 Question posed|

Update Time: 1500 EST

Initally we were happy to see that people really shared their unique and individual perspectives candidly, sentiments were highly subjective & as a testament to the above word cloud, the polarity index was in a positive direction overall.

Update Time: 1645 EST

Closer to the end of the 24 hour while subjectivity remained positive indicating responders to the survey are providing contextual opinions, towards the end the polarity index shifted to be more negatively polarized qualitatively v/s quantitatively. If we adjusted for the outlier of 0.65 we would end up with a relatively split sentiment and polarity index.

Question Posed: 5. How do you think this decision was handled? *:

Plot Graph

| Fig.3 - Scatter Plot showing Subjectivity & Polarity in response to #5 Question posed|

We saw forty one point four percent 41.4% positive sentiments with 34.5% negative responses based on our NLP model.


With the outlier adjusted, we noted that subjective feedback were relatively split, however there were swings when it came to personal action and accountability moving forward. There was a corollary in that respondents to the survey while experessing feelings of Stress on one end and angry on the other also indicated that they would continue to wear mask in a public transportation setting by a factor of almost 2:1.

Question Posed: 1. How do you feel about the lifting of mask mandates on public transportation?

Respondents Feelings

| Fig.4 - Responders feeling towards ruling of mask mandate lifted|

Please consider taking the Survey here https://www.thatsgreatfeedback.com/maskmandatesapril22

Looking at ALL respondents feedback the trend has positive sentiments closely ahead of negative sentiments, with neutral in a close third.

Question Posed: 5. How do you think this decision was handled? *:

By and large responders to the survey by the measue below felt…

Respondents Sentments

| Fig.5 - Overall sentiment towards the news that mask mandates have been lifted|

How did folks Identify

Our poll is anonymous but we asked the respondents to identify by impact their relationship to the topic, the feedback we got indicated:

Question Posed: 4. As a personal impact by this decision. Are you a?

Respondents Role

| Fig.6 - How do people taking the survey identify|

When asked how many folks would continue to war mask, the answers spanned the available responses but overwheminly respondents indicated a YES

Question Posed: 3. Will you still wear a mask in public transportation?

Respondents To Wearing Mask

| Fig.7 - Reponders indicating whether they will continue to wear mask in public transportation|

The 1st 7 Days

See you in a week! & If you have not yet… Please consider taking the Survey here https://www.thatsgreatfeedback.com/maskmandatesapril22l

Stay Tuned

The 1st Month

The 1st Quarter

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