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Microsoft Clarity


A few weeks ago in a corporate team sync one of my colleagues presented information around Microsoft Clarity and I was totally blown away in it’s capabilities as well as its ease of use. According to Microsoft Clarity is a behavioral analysis tool that helps you understand user interactions within your website. I use it to do just that especially for knowing where my users come from, and how they are engaging my content, want to see/hear about my experiences? keep reading…

Clarity Dashboard - Callouts

Telemetry tells the tale

The aforementioned simplicity is evident right from the start. When you sign up/sign in and have no projects, you are immideately taken to the projects screen where you can create your first project which is a three (3) question dialog box asking for the project name, the website URL, and for you to pick from a list of category for the type of site, Clarity - Initial Setup I imagine the reason is to determine what telemetry settings and baseline values to show you. It does take a few hours for the crawl to take place and the metrics start to come in, but once it does… really revealing stuff as seen below Clarity - Dashboard By far one of the things that really caught my eye was the Recordings which shows you the actual gestures such as scrolling, clicks, etc that the visitor of your site took. The Heatmap feature of Clarity is something I have not dove into yet but I understand it is a great way to analyze user behavior in an aggregated manner. Once you onboard to Clarity and land onto Heatmaps, Clarity generates heat maps for popular pages.

Clarity Tweet

I do love this quote from the folks running the social for Clarity below:

Free. Forever


The magic is that engine that is under the hood of Clarity, I cant wait to dig deeper! Telemetry and Metrics

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